Fixed Braces

What is a fixed brace?

Fixed braces are braces that are stuck on to your teeth so they cannot be removed by the patient.They are made up of small metal or tooth coloured squares (brackets) that are precisely stuck to the surface of the teeth. Often metal rings (bands) are used on the back molar teeth.

The brackets are connected to each other by a thin wire (archwire) which transmits a force onto the teeth causing them to move.The archwires are usually attached to the brackets with a ligature which can either be a tiny elastic ring or a twisted wire.

During the course of your treatment, the wires are progressively changed from thin flexible wires to initially straighten the teeth, to strong rigid wires to move the teeth along to close any spaces.

Orthodontic braces are not always metal braces. Here at Oakwood Orthodontics we also offer tooth coloured braces that are hardly noticeable.

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