Specialist Orthodontist – Paroo Mistry

We are pleased to announce that Paroo Mistry has become a Consultant Orthodontist at Chase Farm Hospital. Paroo has been working as a locum consultant at the local hospital for 2 years, and finally all her hard work has paid off. She was offered the permanent post last week.

She will now spend 2 days a week as a consultant in the orthodontic department at Chase Farm. At Chase Farm she will treat more complex orthodontic cases such as patients who require an operation together with their brace treatment. She will also be teaching the trainee orthodontist and offering second opinions for local orthodontic providers.

Paroo, who is still celebrating her latest success, told the team at Oakwood “I really enjoy treating the challenging cases at the hospital and working with such a great team. I now have a really varied and interesting working week with the complex cases in the hospital and the more cosmetic cases in practice. I am so grateful that I have a job that I enjoy so much. There is no better feeling than seeing my patients grow in confidence and smiling like they have never smiled before.!

I think another reason she loves her work is the fact that she has such great colleagues at hospital and in practice.