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Paroo Mistry, Specialist Orthodontist

August 4, 2014

Paroo Mistry BDS MFDS MSc MOrth FDS(Orth)

I have often been asked what all the letters after my name mean. So, here is a tour of my qualifications, letter by letter:

Paroo Mistry BDS

BDS stands for Bachelor in Dental Surgery. This involved 5 years of undergraduate training with the usual annual written and clinical exams. I completed my dental training in Bristol in 2002.

Paroo Mistry BDS MFDS

MFDS stands for Membership in the Faculty of Dental Surgery. This is often followed by RCS(Eng) or RCS(Edin) or RCS(Glas). This is an exam to gain membership in the Royal College of Surgeons of either England (Eng), Edinburgh (Edin) or Glasgow (Glas). You can choose where you want to sit this exam and therefore which Royal College of Surgeons you wish to be affiliated to.

The MFDS was made up of 3 parts. Parts A and B were written exams and Part C was an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Exam) which is essentially a number of stations with different questions, exercises or role play assessments. Part A can be done soon after dental school, but in order to sit Part B, you had to have worked in hospital dentistry for a minimum of 8 months, usually in the oral and maxillofacial surgery. The MFDS was at that time a prerequisite for specialising in dentistry.

There was also another exam called the MFGDP (Membership in the faculty of General Dental Practitioners) which had the same Part A exam as the MFDS but the second part was more practice based.

The MFDS and MFGDP membership exams have now been replaced by a single MJDF exam (Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties).

Paroo Mistry BDS MFDS MSc

MSc stands for Masters in Science. My Masters was in Orthodontics and involved two years of full time training linked to a teaching hospital. My Masters research was on the effects of thumbsucking on the teeth. In order to complete my Masters, I completed the research, wrote up my thesis, completed a viva examinations on my research, my completed orthodontic cases and on unseen orthodontic cases. I also had two 3 hour written papers on all things orthodontic- not the easiest set of exams I have had to do!

Paroo Mistry BDS MFDS MSc MOrth

MOrth stands for Membership in Orthodontics. This is affiliated to a Royal College of surgeons so is often followed by RCS(Eng)/(Edin)/(Glas). This was completed in the third and final year of my orthodontic training. This involved more viva examinations. We had assessments of three completed orthodontic cases as well as unseen orthodontic cases. We also had an OSCE examination on anything and everything in orthodontics. After achieving MOrth, you can apply for a place on the GDC’s specialist register in orthodontics.

Paroo Mistry BDS MFDS MSc MOrth FDS(Orth)

FDS(Orth) stands for Fellowship in Dental Surgery (Orthodontics). This is an extra two years of full time training in order to become a consultant. I completed these two years at The Royal London and Great Ormond Street Hospitals where I managed more complex orthodontic cases. At the end of these two years I completed my ISFE (Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examination) which was a viva based exam on complex clinical cases, management and critical appraisal.

 So how long did this all take?

Fourteen years from school leaver to consultant! And it was a great journey; I have never had a dull moment and I have made some incredible friends along the way…


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