Why Choose a Specialist Orthodontist

All qualified dentists are permitted by the General Dental Council (GDC) to straighten teeth using a variety of orthodontic appliances. Unfortunately patients are rarely aware of the amount of training the dentist has had in orthodontics and their experience with a particular appliance. Although some dentists have had a lot of experience in orthodontics, there are some who have had as little as one days training in orthodontics before selling complex treatments to patients.

Although any dentist can call themselves an orthodontist, only dentists who are registered on the GDC Specialist List in Orthodontics can call themselves a ‘Specialist Orthodontist’. If you see a Specialist Orthodontist, you can have the confidence that the dental professional has had considerable experience in orthodontics. The majority have undergone a competitive entry, three year postgraduate degree course and successfully completed a research study and a number of exams in the subject.

Dr Paroo Mistry is a Specialist Orthodontist who has carried out further training to become a Consultant Orthodontist. You can therefore have the confidence that you will have a highly skilled orthodontist straighten your teeth and give you the smile you have always wanted.

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